Saturday, July 19, 2014

New LCD display

I have just received a couple of nice little display modules from China.  These cute little devices are I2C interfaced and use the MicroLCD Arduino library for the SSD1306 controller.
The displays are relatively cheap in single unit quantities of USD9.95.  Two of them and 90g shipping delivered for USD24.85.  Shipping took 12 days.

The device is a 3.3 volt device and interfaces nicely with the Arduino if you remember that you don't want to use the internal pull-up resistors and instead use external resistors to a 3.3 volt rail.

The display comes in two relatively small formats 0.9" and 1.3".  Since it is an OLED display, the direct sunshine readability is excellent.

Since I have converted my Minima code to use I2C displays, I decided to hook it up and modify the Minima code as necessary to utilize this display.  The result is as you can see below.

As is the case with most things I buy from China, there are a couple of anomalies that I have noted...

1. The first two pixel columns are not visible on the display.  By offsetting two pixels to the right, the result is what you see above.

2. There is no cursor support in the shipped library (MicroLCD) so some investigation will be necessary to see how to implement similar functionality.

This should be fun for a number of projects, nice and compact and easy to interface, anomalies and all... 

Here I have increased the font size for my tired eyes.  I think it still looks pretty good.

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