Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blogging from Raspberry Pi

It is a beautiful sunny warm summer day in Seattle.  Been out this morning enjoying the sun and running errands.  I have fired up the Raspberry Pi and thought I would try to update the blog from the Midori web browser included in the Wheezy build.

Spent way too many hours yesterday in the print shop getting an order out last evening and today Joan is off to eastern Washington to pick up a Fjord pony so I thought I would play a bit with the Raspberry Pi.

I ordered a couple 32 gig memory cards and will be trying to get a couple of different distributions working on them.

It is good to be working again after being laid off from Microsoft back in January.  I am now working at Dynon Avionics in Woodinville doing software for their avionics product line.  Happy to be employed again!

We have had one of those fantastic weeks of sunshine here in the northwest that make it one of the best places to live.  When the sun is out in Seattle, there is nothing better.  Unfortunately, there are a whole lot of grey sky days in between.

I am currently scheduled to go pick up my airplane Tuesday after it's rather lengthy annual inspection.  However, it is looking like the weather may not hold until then.  We shall see.