Sunday, May 7, 2023

Update after a long lapse

 Greetings all.  It has been much too long since I was actively blogging and I am going to do my best to restart that activity as it is too easy to let it slip away if I am not careful.

Well a lot has happened including a global pandemic, work furlough, rehire, restructuring our engineering focus from pro-audio to more consumer/creator focus as well as navigating extreme electronics parts shortages to the point that we are being quoted 52 week lead times in some cases.  That is insanity and more like going out of business lead times.  So we have had to go out to spot markets and buy up inventory wherever we can find it, but even that was insufficient in some cases.  There, we had to redesign existing products to use different MCU parts that were at least available.

Fortunately that is a bit on the mend and now our biggest challenge from my perspective is to meet the desired new product milestones with completely insufficient staff.  Never a dull moment, or so it seems.

On the home front I have experienced the loss of two family members, my aunt and my older brother.  There is nothing easy about any of that.  It is truly a process and you must give yourself permission and the necessary time to process these kinds of losses.

On the ham radio side, I have been spending time both at work and at home in building my expertise on software defined radios and digital signal processing techniques.  Fortunately I have the most amazing colleagues that are patient with me and allow me to ask stupid questions about things that I don't understand through both work projects and learning experiments mostly in audio signal processing.  As I grow in knowledge here I will begin to write up my experiences in the hopes that someone else may find it useful.

Well, let's keep this short rather than writing an epic and I look forward to sharing my experiences with everyone.