Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Added 60 metre support to Minima tuning

I have updated my Minima code to support channelized 60 metre frequency allocations.  If you select 60 metres through the band up/down buttons, the rotary encoder will now select the next/previous channel frequency and ensure that USB is set.

If on the other hand you tune the VFO to the 5Mhz frequency range without selecting 60 metres with the band switches, you may set any frequency you like or either sideband.

I do not yet support the CW+PSK 1.5 kHz offset from the normal SSB frequencies but plan to add this support soon.

I am pleased with how this is coming together.  I am diverging a bit from the original Minima code, but intend to keep backwards compatibility as long as possible for those that are interested in that.  I use conditional compile options to enable or disable functionality as desired.  For example I can build for the original 6 wire LCD displays (16x2 or 20x4), for I2C displays of the same geometry as the 6 wire displays or for OLED displays.  I can build for the original pot tuning or for a rotary encoder.  I have a special build for Freetronics versions of the Arduino LCD shield. I can also build to support displays that have no notion of a display cursor.

Eventually however, my build will fork completely and become specialized to my needs/desires.  I will maintain the last compatible build as a separate fork from Eldon, WA0UWH's fine work.

My code will soon be available from my github to anyone that would benefit from these changes.

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