Tuesday, February 7, 2012

WSPR Encoder - Version 1

Updated this posting 8 Feb 2012

I have decided not to release my WSPR encoder for Propeller on the Object Exchange at the Parallax web site and instead I created a Github project repository for it.  I am releasing it free of charge under the same MIT License that is used at the Object Exchange however.

You can obtain the files at https://github.com/ko7m/WSPR.  Looking at this web page, you will see the following:

By clicking on any of the files you can examine them or you can get it all in one go by clicking on "ZIP" near the top and it will bundle up a zip archive  and push it down to you.

As always, I welcome feedback or questions.  I hope you find it useful.


  1. Nice work!

    I've been writing a c++ wspr encoder as a prelude to writing one in SPIN.

    David G7UVW

  2. Stand by for a version 2 that implements 6 digit locators and callsign prefix and suffix support.

  3. Hi

    Not sure why you have avoided the OBEX. It seems a good place to put ham-related Propellor stuff. Thanks anyway!


    G3CWI (Prop Novice)