Monday, February 6, 2012

WSPR Encoder for Propeller - Update

I have decided to implement the main interface to the WSPR encoder such that you just pass in a single string containing the WSPR message you desire to encode.  The object will return a pointer to a byte array containing the symbol set for that message.  So the calling sequence will look like this:

  WSPR : "ko7mWSPREncode"

  LONG Symbols

Symbols := WSPR.encodeWSPR(string("KO7M CN87 27"))

I think this will be the most intuitive and least error prone.  The returned value will point to an array of 162 bytes containing the symbol set.

  BYTE ich

repeat ich from 0 to 161

You can reference each byte with byte[Symbols][<index>] or you can treat the entire thing as a single string.


Things may change again, but I think this is the direction I am going.  I plan to publish the final encoder in the Propeller Object Exchange at the Parallax site.  I am investigating this opportunity now.

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