Saturday, February 18, 2012

Keyer / Transmitter bugs found by Eldon, WA0UWH

In my previous post about my Propeller keyer / transmitter, my friend Eldon has been kind enough to point out a logic error that I had in my sendData code.  The effect of the bug would be felt if you attempted to change the pin numbers that the dit and dah paddles were connected to.  Nice catch Eldon!

I have updated the code to fix this error.  At the same time, at Eldon's suggestion, I have also updated the code to make it more of a spin object.  I have added start and stop methods that allow it to run on a separate cog.  I have also made most of the keyer parameters externally readable and writeable by adding get and put methods for each.  For example the frequency can be read or written with getFreq/putFreq.  Have a look at the code for the entire list of get/put functions.  I also renamed the file from keyer.spin to ko7mKeyer.spin in order to try and avoid naming conflicts.

Eldon has implemented a UI in front of this code using a propeller USB prototype board.  Here is his implementation.  Pretty nice, I think.  He can change the frequency and keyer speed through his rotary encoders and display everything on an LCD.  Nice little transmitter, Eldon.

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