Friday, March 18, 2011

GPIO Liberation

I have been endeavoring to liberate I/O pins on my Arduino project.  To that end, I have moved to an I2C LCD interface.  This is necessary to enable integration of an RTC (real-time clock) for WSPR timing.  The new setup looks like this:
I have some concerns about the performance of the LCD driver so I may have to do some customization of the driver.  The good news is that the beacon in operation is unlikely to have or need a display or rotary encoder as the set of operational frequencies will be fixed.  Calibration of the DDS-60 can be accomplished with a test setup that includes a rotary encoder to set the clock and then disconnected for day-to-day operation.

So, hopefully I can get the RTC integration done soon and have a fully functional WSPR/QRSS beacon breadboard completed.

Many thanks to the good folks at Adafruit for the excellent work on the I2C LCD interface.

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