Sunday, March 6, 2011

WSPR Beacon with Arduino and DDS-60

Today I got my WSPR beacon code running for the most part.  I have the WSPR encoding all done and the Symbol transmission bits are complete.  The setup is the same as for the previous post.

I added a WSPR mode to the controller software and can trigger the transmission manually at this point.  Watching the received signal on Spectran, I can see the normal WSPR four tone pattern.  The test however is can Joe Taylor's fine WSPR program decode what I am transmitting?  I am happy to say the answer is yes!  Click on the image below for a full size version that can be read.

I am using just a cheap Grundig G6 receiver which only has 1 KHz resolution on the dial.  Since the entire 30 metre WSPR band is only 200 Hz wide, I used Spectran to set received audio tone to around 1450 Hz.  With Joe Taylor's application set with a dial frequency of 10.138.700 this put me in the band.  I then waited for an even minute to come around and pushed a button to initiate the WSPR transmission.  As you can see above, it decoded just fine!  Whoo hoo!

So, now I need to implement the RTC clock in order to have transmissions begin 2 seconds into even minutes and to implement the percent of the time the beacon is transmitting.

Geting close to having a software solution on breadboarded hardware.  It will then be time to build a custom PCB hardware solution.

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