Friday, January 27, 2012

New Propeller Toys

I have obtained a touch panel LCD display for my Propeller board.  I am using a modification of the TV object to display text output for debugging purposes.  It is nice to have this peripheral display to make debugging easier.  Here is some debug output from my work on a routine to encode WSPR messages:

Nice little display.  It is a 320x240, 2.4" Colour LCD with touch screen.  It mounts to a prototyping board and leaves 15 IO available when connected in 8 bit mode.  It can display true-colour, 24 bit images and has a controllable backlight.  It also sports a full size SD card slot that can be used for offline storage.  Here is an example of the graphics display.

I think this will prove to be quite useful in my projects.


  1. Very nice! I managed to find some old Pascal code I wrote a few years ago to encode WSPR messages (based on WSPR 1.0) but it looked a bit too difficult to implement on a micro.

  2. Well, I have the basic structure working, but I am not quite correct in my interpretation of the specs. I don't quite produce the same results that Joe Taylor produces for the same input. Soon though, I hope.