Wednesday, January 25, 2012

7x14 Hellschreiber Glyphs

I noticed that Mark Vandewettering, K6HX over at recently posted an arduino Hellschreiber bit of code and decided to adapt his 7x14 set of glyphs to QRSS on the Propeller processor.

The result is not displeasing, but is a bit more bandwidth that I would feel comfortable taking up of a QRSS band that is only 100 Hz wide in the first place.

This is with 2 Hz spacing between column dots.  I reduced this to 1 Hz and got the following results:

Ok, so this is a little more bandwidth friendly, but I would need to play with the inter-column and inter-character spacing a bit to be happy with it.  I am not totally sold on the set of glyphs yet, but the enlarged characters allow for more interesting glyphs to be created than with my original 5x7 set.

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