Monday, January 30, 2012

First WSPR spot on Propeller Board - barefoot

Well, I got my first WSPR spot on my propeller beacon today from VE6PDQ.  It seems there is someone listening out there to my little peanut-whistle signal, blowing down all the competition with a thundering 5 mW (7 dBm) signal...  :)

Whoo hoo!  I was just about to give up hope of making any contacts on this low power level.  That works out to about 199,000 km (123,652 miles) per watt if my fuzzy head is doing the math correctly.  Yippee!

I barely had time to post this and I got a second spot from W5OLF at 1720 km.  Seems that things are picking up for me.  Very cool...

This works out to about 344,000 km (213,751 miles) per watt.

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