Saturday, January 14, 2012

First Opera reception

Well, thanks to my buddy Eldon WA0UWH, I have been drug kicking and screaming into the world of Opera QRSS and the Propeller processor.

Stealing judiciously from the work of others, I have put together a beacon using the propeller processor and have Opera v1.1.0 beta up and running.  This morning I heard myself first (imagine that...) and then N7VVX down in Utah.  So, it seems another diversion is born...  Thanks Eldon...  :|

Before I can really put the propeller on the air, I will need to build a low pass filter for it as the output is a square wave.  The reception of my own call (KO7M) is without any antenna on the propeller board.  My idea for my low pass filter board is to have a set of switchable (via software) low pass filters on a single board that should be useful for this and my Arduino WSPR beacon.

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