Thursday, April 19, 2012

Off to OH-land (Finland)

This weekend, I will be traveling to Helsinki, Finland for a week.  I have not had time to comply with the Finish Communications Regulatory Authority requirements to apply for a visitor amateur license, so I will not be on the air.  I expect that I will be making future trips to Finland, so I will apply for a visitor license when I return.  The Finnish Amateur Radio League can be found here.


  1. Enjoy the trip, Jeff. I went on a business trip to Finland 20 years ago. Those Finns are serious drinkers...

  2. I am sure they will find me boring as I am a teetotaler.

  3. Jeff,

    Finland follows the CEPT recommendations. You might actually not need a visitor license as long as you bring your paperwork. Check out here:

    (Same the other way around btw. a European ham would not need to apply for a guest license in the US.