Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Finland SWLing

I moved my base of operations today north to Tampere, Finland where I will be the rest of the week.  I am having fun SWLing on the ham bands hearing all the call signs I drool over working from the states like they are next door...  Because they are!  Hanging out on the low end of 20 metres mostly, but I am hearing a lot of activity on 17 metres as well.

Not much antenna to work with (about 8-10 metres of wire) but having fun in OH-land.  I will be sure to bring along a QRP rig next time I come to Europe and give those fun airport security folks something to quiz me about.

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  1. Good morning Jeff, Last year my wife and I ventured to England for a month of holidays. I took my Elecraft KX1 along for the ride. I was VERY surprised how easy it was to get through security! I was upfront with it and carried the rig in a Pelican case. I opened it and showed them and was always was able to take it as carry on! Have a great time in OH-land.