Sunday, December 4, 2016

St. Lucia - day one

Long red-eye flight out of Seattle to Atlanta Saturday night and then another 4 hour flight to Vieux Fort, St. Lucia BWI brought us to a beautiful 85 degree day on the island.  The pictures below are from a view point along the east side of St. Lucia where we stopped for a short break on the drive to the north end of the island.

By the time we got to the villa, the sun was setting, so some pictures of the venue will have to wait until tomorrow.

Dinner was supplied to all 8 operators by our hosts and we set about establishing antennas for 80, 40 and 30 metres.  We were able to collect 100 contacts as J6/K0BBC on  40 metres before retiring for the night.

On the downside, I had all of my equipment confiscated by St. Lucia customs at the airport as did one other operator.  We will attempt to sort out the issues tomorrow and retrieve the impounded equipment.  A further downside is that once the proper paperwork SNAFU has been sorted, we have to drive the length of the island again and back which will basically eat an entire day.  Oh sigh...

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