Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Thoughts

Well, here we are again, approaching Christmas time.
And I give thanks for the year, even the worst of it was fine.

As I look around me and see Christmas cheer,
I wonder why this mood can't last throughout the year.

Perhaps we'd really like to keep Christmas everyday,
But we lose the spirit, because self gets in the way.

So I write this poem, and put before the eyes of men,
That cannot see others beyond the veil of self.

If we could just see past their faults and love the soul beyond,
We could give the gift of love to make our brothers strong.

Yes, we could give the same gift, in just a different way,
As the gift given the world on that first Christmas day.

I see the end approaching and love is in short supply,
Souls lost and lonely, should cause our hearts to cry.

So may a sense of selflessness guide me throughout the year,
To love all those around me, and spread to them Christmas cheer.

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