Wednesday, December 7, 2016

St. Lucia - Day Four

Today has been non-stop contacts across the entire group on most bands.  17 metres has been hopping most of the day.  I was able to work many European contries this morning and this afternoon was spent working US stations.

So far my modest efforts have yielded four continents, 27 states in the US and 29 unique countries.  Some of the guys here will work 24 hours a day so it seems, but I tend to go in spurts and then get involved in a project.

Middle of the afternoon one of our group came down to the gazebo to join me for a while and set up his gear.  When he powered up the 12V supply for his radio BOOM!  He apparently had been working so far from a 110V outlet and the gazebo is 220V only.  Oh sigh...  We opened up the supply but there had been a rather significant explosion in there and so he tossed it in the bin.  Apparently there is one or two of these that bite the dust in this way on every trip of the group down here.  I switched everything to 220V before I left home to avoid such nasties.  Oh well.

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