Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Si5351 Signal Generator - 3D print of case

Now that the software is in pretty good shape (with a couple lingering issues) I turned my attention to building a case for this project.  Here is a simple front panel design I whipped up (ok, painfully slowly created after many mistakes...) using the online CAD software at www.onshape.com.  They have a pretty cool product offering there and it is certainly sufficient for these kinds of simple projects.

My little display and rotary encoder should fit nicely onto this panel.  As soon as I decide which Arduino board I am going to put into this project, I will work up a nice case back that this will snap into.  Yeah, yeah, this is my first CAD project, so I am 100% certain I will need to redesign it in some fashion.  Like for example, I suspect that I will have to put mounting screws through the panel into posts.  Don't beat me up too badly about my lack of CAD skills.

At this point it is pretty handy to have a son with a 3D printer.  Here it is printing this little guy.  I will go pick it up tomorrow and see if my display will fit into it.

Here it is, finished in 56 minutes.

More to come...

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