Saturday, March 3, 2012

Update to Propeller keyer/transmitter

After getting some much needed feedback on my keyer implementation, I have done several revisions to the keyer software, shortly to be posted on gitHub.  Here is the current revision history list.

  Revision History
  Rev 1.1 - Thanks to Eldon, WA0UWH for pointing out a logic flaw in my

            sendData method
  Rev 1.2 - Updated to make into a proper object.  Implemented get/put methods.
  Rev 1.3 - Implemented Iambic A and Iambic B modes and one element memory.

            Made Iambic B mode default
  Rev 1.4 - Added bug mode (dits are automatic, dahs are not)
            Added straight key mode (dit key input keys transmitter manually)
            Added initPins(dit, dah, key, rf) to allow setting of pin assignments.

            Defaults to 0, 1, 2, 27
            Added public method swapPaddles to allow switching dit and dah paddles

I think the keyer is in pretty good shape now.  I welcome any feedback on version 1.4 from anyone that may find it useful.  Reminder that with the addition of proper low pass filters, this code functions as a full fledged CW transmitter for ham radio usage.  Power output is approximately 5-7 mW putting it squarely in the QRP category.  See my previous blog post for a simple amplifier to raise the output power sufficiently for beacon or CW operation.

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