Friday, September 16, 2011

Playing around with APRS tonight

I picked up my old TNC2 packet controller and dusted it off today.  After finding an old Hayes modem cable I was able to wire this dude up to my laptop.  About a million years ago, I registered a version of UIView32 which is a nice little APRS mapping package.

Of course there were no maps of the Western Washington area available for the software, but there is a nice feature where you can drag/drop a map bitmap onto the software and then define the lat/lon details for either the upper/left, lower/right corners of the map or by clicking on two points on the map and defining the lat/lon for those points.  I took a screen shot of a google map and defined two points.  Not totally precise, but close enough for giggles.  Here is a peek of the map after it has had a little while to listen on 144.39 Mhz to the APRS traffic.

I have an old Alinco dual-band rig that I inherited from my dad (W7QJC) R.I.P. that I might press into service for packet radio playing around.  Gotta get the transmit portion working next.  Just need to set some jumpers to match the microphone wiring and plug it in.

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