Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New receiver!

After a couple years of looking, I have located a National SW-3 receiver that is in good shape. 

It came with a couple sets of coils, a bandset coil set for 80 metres and an unknown coil set that was hand-wound by a previous owner as well as two sets of empty coil forms for my own hand-wound coils.  Subsequently, I have obtained a bandset coil set for 160 metres.

I am now looking for a period power supply, preferably one of the National "Dog-House" power supplies.

My SW-3 is one of the earlier version 2 receivers.  It has a pair of 58 valves (tubes) and a 50 valve (tube).  The filaments are 2.5 volt and the B+ is anything upwards of 350 volts though the National power supplies typically supply around 135 volts.  Meanwhile, I plan to locate a nice high voltage lab supply to be able to test this little beast out.

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