Saturday, September 5, 2015

Salmoncon X QSL cards

July 10-12 this year our QRP ham radio group had our annual camp-out at Valley Camp in North Bend, WA.  We have a lot of fun hanging out together and have great technical talks as well as ham radio operating at QRP levels (low power).  We also have fun activities like hidden transmitter hunts.  Here are a couple of the participants on the hunt.

This year, the group had about 100 contacts split 75%/25% between US and DX contacts.  Since this was the 10th annual event, I decided to make up some custom QSL cards to send to all the contacts we made over the weekend.

I got all of these cards finished up today, addressed, stamped and in the post.  So if you worked K7S during the weekend of 10-12 July, look for your QSL card in the post soon.

1 comment:

  1. Received by mail, all the way up here in Duvall! I worked KG7NJQ as K7S and helped out by sending several more your way.

    Thanks for the card!

    - K7ADD