Thursday, November 6, 2014

New Minima-like build

My good friend Wayne NB6M has kindly loaned me his Minima-like build using my controller shield for the Arduino.  His front panel is very similar to his original Minima build, but is now sporting a 20x4 display.  He has removed the reset button from the front panel and added input for paddles in anticipation of me actually finishing the integration of my keyer code to the Minima code base.

Looking at the back of the panel, we can see the Arduino Uno and my controller shield mounted on the back of the display board.  Wayne has used #12 bare copper wire soldered to the front panel to provide attach points for the Uno and shield.  My shield will be modified to provide through-hole plating and solder pads so that it can be soldered in place.

The display board has been converted to i2c with a backpack board and the rotary encoder uses pins freed up by display being converted to i2c.  The current shield design does not incorporate the proposed pins for the encoder from the discussion list, but will be modified in the final run to be compliant.

Wayne is using a pretty conventional IF strip from the Minima, but has chosen to replace the KISS mixer and BFO mixer with ADE-1 devices.  His audio section is from a pre-existing project re-purposed for this project.  The two SMA connectors connect to the VFO and BFO Si570 outputs from my controller shield.  No low pass filter sections yet.  The current configuration makes a pretty nice general coverage receiver.

I have handed off Wayne's other Minima build to Eldon so he will have a working radio to test with during his software development efforts.

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