Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Updated PCA9546 library

As mentioned in a previous post, I have updated the PCA9546 library in order to fix the problem of one of the methods of the class being implemented as private when it needs to be public.  I also implemented a constructor that allows initialization of the class without selecting any channel as active.  Lastly, I implemented a change to the selectChannel method to allow deselecting all channels.

As promised, I am posting the entirety of the update here for your convenience.

File: PCA9546.h

#ifndef PCA9546_H
#define PCA9546_h

#ifndef P
#define PBUFSIZE (66)
extern char buf[PBUFSIZE];

#define  P(x) strcpy_P(buf, PSTR(x))

typedef enum 
  PCA9546_ERROR = 0,
} PCA9546_Status;

#define PCA9546_NOCHANNEL (0) // No channel selected
#define PCA9546_CHANNEL_1 (1) // Bit 1
#define PCA9546_CHANNEL_2 (2) // Bit 2
#define PCA9546_CHANNEL_3 (4) // Bit 3
#define PCA9546_CHANNEL_4 (8) // Bit 4

class PCA9546
  PCA9546(uint8_t i2c_address);
  PCA9546(uint8_t i2c_address, uint8_t channel);
  bool selectChannel(uint8_t channel);
  PCA9546_Status status;
  uint8_t channel;

  uint8_t i2c_address;
  uint8_t i2c_read();
  void i2c_write(uint8_t data);


File: PCA9546.cpp

 * PCA9546 Library for Arduino
 * MIT License
 * Copyright Jeff Whitlatch - ko7m - 2014

#include <Arduino.h>
#include <Wire.h>
#include "PCA9546.h"
#include "debug.h"

#define DEBUG(x ...)  // Default to NO debug    
//#define DEBUG(x ...) debugUnique(x)    // UnComment for Debug

// Initialize the PCA9546 and disable all channels
PCA9546::PCA9546(uint8_t PCA9546_address)
  i2c_address = PCA9546_address;


// Initialize the PCA9546 and enable the channel(s) indicated
PCA9546::PCA9546(uint8_t PCA9546_address, uint8_t channel)
  i2c_address = PCA9546_address;


// Send a channel selection word to the PCA9546
bool PCA9546::selectChannel(uint8_t channel)
  // Sanity check value passed.  Only least significant 4 bits valid
  if (channel <= 0xf)
    debug(P("Successfully selected PCA9546 channel"));
    status = PCA9546_SUCCESS;
    debug(P("PCA9546 channel selection failed"));
    status = PCA9546_ERROR;
  return (PCA9546_SUCCESS == status);

// Write a byte to I2C device.  There is only a single register.  If multiple bytes written, last one wins.
void PCA9546::i2c_write(uint8_t data)

// Read the one byte register from the I2C device
uint8_t PCA9546::i2c_read()
  uint8_t rdata = 0xFF;
  Wire.requestFrom(i2c_address, (uint8_t)1);
  if (Wire.available()) rdata = Wire.read();
  return rdata;

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