Monday, May 16, 2011

High Voltage programming the ATMega328

Having smoked my first AVR CPU, I now face the need to be able to reset the CPU fuses regardless of their current settings.  After some searching around, I decided to purchase a kit rather than roll my own.  I picked up a "HV Rescue Shield" from "MightyOhm Engineering".

A few simple minutes with the soldering iron and quite a few more minutes purusing the ATMega328 data sheet and I determined the values for the fuses that would get me back in business.  A bit after the fact, I realized I could just read the current fuses on a working CPU chip and go with them, but it was educational nevertheless.

This little gem of an Arduino shield will handle the ATMega devices along with the ATiny2313 and 8 pin ATiny CPU chips.  It also generates the +12v programming voltage on-board eliminating the need to have an external programming voltage supply.

So, back in business with my original CPU.

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