Saturday, April 2, 2011

Thanks for all the emails!

I created this blog originally as a place to catalogue my ramblings and notes for myself.  I have been receiving quite a bit of email from around the world however expressing interest in the project, the code, hardware details and interest in the software.  While the project is not yet to a place where I am ready to publish details, that is the long-term plan.

I am however happy to help in any way I can anyone with a similar interest in this kind of project and have had some fun email exchanges as a result.  I appreciate all the offers to help from many folks as well.

I invite anyone with comments or suggestions to email or more ideally to post comments on the blog so that everyone can benefit from the discussion.  I will initially opt to not post emails as I want to respect the privacy of those involved unless explicit permission is provided to post those emails.

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